Title: Homesickness
Disclaimer: Don’t own them. Don’t sue.
Rating: PG
Fandom: DCU
Character/Paring: Diana
Table/Prompt: Around the Elseworlds Universe: 27. Myth.
Word count: 420
Summary: In this world her nation and her sisters all fell to the sands of time thousands of years ago

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I don't think I succeeded.

Title: Know Your Enemy
Disclaimer: Don’t own them. Don’t sue.
Universe/Fandom: DCU
Prompt: Table: Round the Elseworlds: 16. Superhero
Word count: 448
Rating: PG
Characters: Ollie/Green Arrow, JLA
Summary: He picked up a bow and arrow to make the world a better place; he settled for a part in a pantomime instead.

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Well, Norton's managed to get rid of part of Antivirus Pro 2009 but not all of it.  I've tried quite a few other programs but the bugger simply isn't shifting at all.  I give up.  So be it on my head if in a couple of days/weeks/months I get a letter from the bank demanding that I pay back a loan I didn't take out, etc.etc.  I'm past the point of caring, the computer is still as sluggish as hell and I can't get itunes to install, but...meh.

I've been catching up on all the DC goings on.  I see that they've cancelled Blue Beetle which was expected, I'm disappointed but not surprised, the sale figures were never that great and the only reason it's been around was because of Dido's support.  Wow.  It feels really weird saying something positive about Dido, but I'll give credit where it's due.  He tried.  He could have tried harder and pushed it a little bit more, but what can you do?

Ah, well.  Who knows?  Maybe after the Brave and the Bold cartoon takes off, they might give Jamie another go.

What also peeved me off a little bit, was hearing that the Bad Girls of Gotham is now not going to happen - according to LITG at least.  I'm far more disappointed by this than I thought I was going to be.  I was starting to looking forward to reading about the shenanigans of Selina, Harley and Holly too.  It sounded like it could have been a really fun book - but good god we really can't that can we?  I won't be surprised if H and H end up being in the lucky group of C-listers that bite the big one in FC.

Sorry.  That  probably sounded a little bit bitter, more bitter than I am when it comes to DC. But  I'm just sick of them cancelling books, killing characters and them bringing them back, I'm sick of delays, I'm sick of this compulsion that DC has to turn back to the Silver age - and that goes for Marvel as well, although that's neither here nor there since I gave up the ghost after OMD.

Anyway, dregs of bitterness aside, I really think Dido needs to go at this stage.   I've hardly been a supporter, but I've never called for his head either since I've never cared for doing that sort of thing.  Comics are hardly a matter of major importance but hearing that he had to order re-writes of FC was the final, final straw.  I suffered through Countdown - it's part of my personal canon, I paid for issues, it exists.  I put up with the drivel that was War Games, Flash being offed, etc.  But to fuck up a event that has been supposedly five years in the making?  You're having a laugh. 

You know, if DC keeps this up, then I wouldn't be surprised that if in a couple of years all they publish is a couple of Superman and Batman titles.  Maybe I'm being a little bit too cynical though.

Oh, and on a random note.  I didn't realise that Paul Dini was a writer on the 1980's cartoon Dungeon's and Dragons.  Hmmmm.




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( Aug. 10th, 2008 10:01 pm)
Title:  Broken Dreams
Disclaimer:  Don't own them.  Don't sue.
Characters:  Marvin the Martian
Rating: PG
Fandom:  Looney Tunes

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Title: Homecoming
Disclaimer: Don’t own them. Don’t sue.
Paring/Characters: Dinah/Babs
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: DC

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