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( Mar. 25th, 2009 06:46 pm)
After checking in with a couple of my friends and a few of my colleagues at work, it turns out I was the only one who for the most part hated the BSG finale last night.  Oh sure, a couple thought there were a few flaws here and there, but they enjoyed it nevertheless.  Huh.  Just me then.

I was going to write a proper review of it.  Mention how I liked the ending to the Roslin/Adama storyline; how I thought it was fitting.  I was going to give props for the CGI, the lovely little scene between Cottle and Roslin.  Then I was going to slate the hell out of it:  The pointless flashbacks, 'the resolution' to Starbuck's storyline, the head angels, the cop outs, Baltar's speech, the wtf truce, Galen killing Tori, Cavil killing himself, the dead hand of doom, the opera house vision, Lee deciding to get rid of their technology, the fast forward, The robot montage of doom!

Then I was going to talk about the  non-characterization of Boomer from season 2 onward.  Talk about Tori some, how she was handled badly as soon as she was revealed as a cylon.  Deplore the mishandling of Simon and Doral.  Maybe even mention Dee as well.

But you know what, I can't be bothered.  I think I'm still annoyed,  so here's a picture of Daffy instead.

What?!  What?!  What the fuck was that shit?

*sighs* I really need time to process it all...seriously, what the hell was that pile of garbage?

Ugh.  I'll do a proper review tomorrow.
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( Mar. 8th, 2009 09:52 pm)
I've spent the majority of the second last remaining day of my holiday with my head down the toliet puking up stomach acids.  Word of advice:  When a friend invites themselves over with a couple of bottles of cheap red wine, just say no.  Ugh, all I can taste is vinegar and my head feels as though it's about to fall off.  I also think I might be flammable.

Yeah, I think I can safely say today has been the low point of the holiday.  It's been such a waste, but I suppose that's what sundays are, really.

I'd hoped to get some writing done this weekend, but a lot of other stuff came up and I just didn't have the time.  I made a pathetic attempt this afternoon and managed to write a whole line of a Wonder Woman fic before giving up and returning to my makeshift bed on the sofa.  If nothing else, at least I can stand up straight without thinking I'm about to topple over, that counts for something right?

I did want to do something fan related today and I did, god knows why, but I did.  It's about as redundant as a chocolate fireguard and about as much use, but I did it anyway: [ profile] harley_and_ivy  .  Go figure.

I also saw this item on Battlestar Galactica and thought it was worth posting here.   It made me chuckle.

I think it says something about the quality of writing when a television show can make you hate a character with all the fury of a thousand suns one week, and then make you want to hug him the next.

Oh, Battlestar.  How I'll miss you when you're gone.  *Cuddles dvd boxsets and weeps*

Battlestar Glactica season four is now available for pre-order.  Yay!  It's been a loooong wait and I've had some horrible withdrawl symptoms, ( damn you Virgin and Sky!) but in just over a month I'll have it in my grubby little paws.   I've been so good with the spoilers this time around as well.  I think that was what nearly ruined season three for me - that, and the not-so-good filler episodes- looking at the spoilers really ruined the final four reveal for me, it was such an anti-climax when it should have been a punch to the gut.

Well, that's not going to happen this time. :)

I'm pretty disappointed that this is the first half of the last season.  Between this and The Wire finishing up soon, I really won't have a clue what to do with myself in terms of viewing.  They're my two favourite tv programmes of all time and there's nothing else currently out there or even coming soon that even remotely grabs my interest in the same way.

I mean sure there's The Wire and Battlestar prequels here and on their way, it's not the same though.   The trailers for Dollhouse have done nothing for me at all.  I don't know if I want to sign up for another Joss Whedon show knowing that somewhere along the way I'm most likely to get the proverbial kick in the teeth in regards to one of my favourite characters. Not only that, the premise doesn't look that interesting either.  It's early days yet I suppose.

There's the Doctor Who specials, but again, the new trailer left me rather cold.  That could be because it's the Christmas special and I've never really liked them, aside from the Runaway Bride - but that's only because I went in with very low expectations. 

Eh.  I dunno.  There's nothing really to geek out about or really look forward to.  I could give Smallville another go, but I doubt I'm going to get past Lana Lang.  Ugh.




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