Well, so far so good.  The nuclear option appears to have worked so far.  I've reinstalled Norton and it hasn't picked up anything - of course that doesn't mean a bloody thing, since, you know, it is Norton we're talking about after all.  And the good news is that I actually did back up more than I thought I had, including some of my scribblings which is a huge relief. 

I've still got quite a lot of stuff to re-install but nothing too urgent thankfully.  The computer's running a little bit too slow for my liking, but hopefully that's fixable.  The really good news is that the hard drive seems to have stopped making that really scary noise - I can only hope that's a good thing.

Anyhoo, so far so good,  it looks like I'm back in business. *knocks on wood*

I got the print outs on how to manually rid myself of Antivirus pro 2009 and it didn't work.  I poked about my hard drive for hours on end, I could not see the files I was supposed to delete for love nor money.  After giving up the ghost, I then tried to do a system reboot, but much to my dismay my computer wasn't having that at all.  So after much wailing and tearing my hair out, I decided to go with the nuclear option of restoring factory settings...

And of course Antivirus Pro 2009 made damn sure that I couldn't back anything up before I did so...which is my own fault for not backing up files before this actually happened, but you know, hindsight is always twenty-twenty.

Anyway, I nuked my computer, restarted it, went to re-install blueyonder - can't surf the net without it! - managed to do so after the tenth attempt, but here's the thing as soon I connected my USB to my computer, what looked a windows security update showed up on my taskbar. 

Not a big deal right? 

Wrong.  'Cause that's what happened the last time, not only that, the 'security' update  took waaaay longer than it usually does.  I hope I'm being really paranoid, but if I reboot this machine only to find Antifuckingvirus Pro 2009 back on system fucking everything up, not allowing me to do anything, I swear I'm going jump on a plane to Ukraine and beat the shit out of these bastards that created the most malicious piece of malware that I have ever come across. 

You know, it's bad enough that I've lost everything: Mp3 files, writing, etc - again, my fault for not being a bit quicker to back them up - it's bad enough that I have to go through the complete farce of re-installing everything, especially the most good-for-nothing program which I have had the misfortune to come across: Norton Systemworks.  But if I reboot this bastard and find out it was all for nothing I am going to be furious.

Ugh. What really gets me about this was that I wasn't even on a dodgy website, or downloading anything.  Grrrr.

Fucking Antivirus Pro 2009 turned up on my system Midweek and has completely trashed my computer.  I can't use explorer or any other application.  Norton Anti Virus does the trick again! Why did I take out a years subscription with them?  Bloody useless!

I'm at a internet cafe at the moment trying to work out how to remove it manually.  I've managed to find a couple of how-to-get-rid-of-it pages and there seems to be a lot of files to find and delete.  Not a problem of course, it's just that this cafe doesn't allow you to print stuff out and I don't want write it all down, so I'll just have to find a cafe that'll let me do printouts.  Not the end of the world, but bloody annoying.  They could have said something before I handed over money for the hour.

Anyway, just a quick note to say, if I can't get this fixed, then I'm off-line for a good wee while.  Hope you're all doing okay.


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