Title: Getting into the Spirit
Author: Cold Nostalgia
Disclaimer: Don’t own. No profit. Don’t sue.
Prompt: Presents
Characters/Ship: Harley, Ivy
Word count: 792
Rating: G
Summary: Even Ivy can get into the spirit of Christmas.
Authors Notes: Posted to the Christmas Fanworks Challenge at [livejournal.com profile] a_b_joker 

The large parcel was childishly wrapped up in cheap paper and shabby masking tape. The tag, covered in green and red crayon, was completely illegible to Ivy’s usually sharp eyes. Slowly - and not without a little trepidation - Ivy looked up from the unexpected gift that had been unceremoniously dumped onto her lap.

She raised an elegant eyebrow. “What’s the occasion?”

“It’s your Pre-Christmas present.” Harley beamed happily.

“My Pre-Christmas present,” Ivy repeated dumbly.

“That’s right, Red!” Harley exclaimed happily, stretching her arms excitedly for emphasis. “It’s our new tradition.”

“New tradition? Harley, we don’t have any traditions,” Ivy pointed out patiently. “If anything the only tradition we have this time of year is a tussle with Batman and a short stay in Arkham – and this Christmas I’d rather not observe it, thank you very much.”

“Tsk, tsk,” Harley cheerfully chided. “Now, that’s no way ta think, Pammy. It’ll be different this year, you’ll see.”

Ivy stared at her favourite human through hooded eyes. “Is that right?”

“It is!” Harley chuckled and nodded toward the gift. “Open it, it’s the end ta all our problems, Pammy.”

Ivy examined the awkwardly wrapped package once more. Not knowing whether to be mildly grateful for Harley’s generosity, or suspicious of the blonde’s motives. It’d been a while since Harley had played a practical joke at her expense – or at least tried to. Ivy didn’t think that the clown would try to pull another prank so soon after her last botched attempt – or the icy warning that she’d received immediately after.

But then, common sense had never been one of Harley’s strong points.

“It ain’t gonna open itself, ya know,” Harley teased.

“Maybe that’s a good thing,” Ivy remarked quietly. “Less likely to explode in someone’s face that way.”

“Oh come on, Red!” Harley whined, crossing the room and placing a hand on Ivy’s forearm. “It ain’t April! Christmas is no laughing matter.”

Ivy grunted, allowing a small smile to spread across her face. “Alright,” she said quietly, surrendering to her friend’s earnest enthusiasm for the ridiculous holiday. “Thank you.”

Harley’s eyes shone with joy. “I held onto the receipt in case you don’t like it.”

Ivy’s smile widened as she tried to imagine herself doing something so pathetically common as walking into a store and demanding a refund. “That won’t be necessary, Harl. I’m sure I’ll love whatever it is.”

“Well then,” Harley began as she flopped herself onto the couch next to Ivy. “There’s only one way ta be sure,” she said, grinning goofily at her best friend. “Open it.”

Ivy looked at her quizzically. “And this is going to keep out us out of Arkham?”

Harley nodded, thrilled that Ivy was getting into the Pre-Christmas spirit. “For a while, I guess.”

“Is it a lifetime supply of pills that’ll temporarily cure incompetence?” Ivy joked, her eyes dancing merrily.

“Wow. That’s harsh, Red,” Harley said sombrely. “I don’t think you’re incompetent,” she laughed, narrowly avoiding a flying cushion.

“You’re hysterical.”

“I try ta be.”

“Try,” Ivy smirked. “Being the key word here.”

Harley clutched her chest and slumped back into her seat. “Ya got me.”

“Was there ever any doubt?” Ivy remarked smoothly.

“Guess not,” Harley replied lightly. “Now, open your present or I’ll hafta do it for ya.”

Ivy frowned and looked at the gift once more, turning it around in her hands, examining every corner and every crease in the paper. She gave it a shake.

“Pammy,” Harley began impatiently. “In case you didn’t know, it’s for this year.”

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you got me plane tickets,” Ivy mused, ignoring her partner’s rapidly changing mood.

“Plane tickets?” Harley wrinkled her nose, “I must have got jumbo-sized ones.”

“Appearances can be deceptive,” Ivy replied lightly.

“Maybe they are,” Harley said softly. “I could have given ya Bat-repellent, though.”

Ivy sighed. “If only.”

Harley playfully nudged her best friend and wordlessly Ivy began to tear away the green and gold paper, her face the very picture of hopeful expectation. Harley greedily drank in the moment, solidifying the precious seconds and then branding them into an album of happy memories.

“How many trees died for this, Harl?” Ivy asked, as yet another layer of wrapping paper was peeled away and cast aside.

“None,” Harley answered cheerfully. “The paper’s recycled.”

Ivy grunted in disbelief and tore away the last remaining layers of gaudy paper irritably. Harley squealed as her gift was revealed.

“A box set of James Stewart movies,” Ivy looked at her incredulously. “You gave me a box set of James Stewart movies.”

Harley looked smug. “Yup.”

Ivy was appalled. “How’s this going to keep us out of Arkham?”

“Easy,” Harley said with a shrug. “We’re stayin’ in and stayin’ out of trouble this year.”


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