Title:  Enough
Author: Cold Nostalgia
Fandom: DC Comics
Characters/Pairing: Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent
Prompt: 1. Greed
Word Count: 255
Rating: Pg-13
Disclaimer: Don’t own
Author's Notes: None.

Clark had never thought it possible that they’d ever make it to this stage; be able to share one solitary day and night together uninterrupted by monsters or madmen.

It’s taken years for Bruce to get here. For his fragile trust and belief in his allies to strengthen enough that he would deem them worthy to watch over Gotham in his absence. For his smile to brighten and not disguise an unspoken anxiety worming its way into his mind.

Clark thinks they’re a couple now. Before Bruce agreed to these sporadic days together spent in each others company, all they had were hurried moments of lust. Disposable half-hours, forgettable in their urgency. Lost under mountains of crises and tidal waves of emergencies.

Slowly a foundation is being built; each leisurely dinner shared, every time a hand is reached for and found, each moment of mutual discovery brings them closer to some kind of future together.

Clark understands how hard it was for Bruce to change, to even consider the possibility of a real relationship, to let his heart rule his head for once. He knows these prearranged times together should be enough. Years ago, they both took oaths, they both made their choices. But it isn’t.

He is like a shark sensing blood for the first time; driven by an insatiable hunger. Whatever crumbs Bruce can offer him will never be enough.

Clark appreciates the irony, since it was he who pushed and fought for something more in the beginning.

And now it’s something less



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