Title: Unexpected Resistance
Author: Cold Nostalgia
Disclaimer: Don’t Own.
Claim: Jem and The Holograms
Prompt: 1. Jewel
Word Count: 146
Rating: PG
Summary: In The Misfits there was a general rule of thumb…

In The Misfits, the general rule of thumb was whatever happened outside of the band, stayed outside of the band. Pizzazz and the others might have hated the fact that Stormer hung out with Kimber on a regular basis, but they didn’t object to it, or try to put an end to the friendship.

The Misfit’s lukewarm blessing didn’t change the fact that the two girls still had to sneak around like some twisted version of Romeo and Juliet each time they wanted to write a couple of songs together.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of their unlikely friendship that had continued long after their record had been released, was The Holograms complete opposition to it.

For all her preaching about love and tolerance, Jem was probably the most intolerant person Stormer had ever met.

She might have been called Jem, but she was no Jewel.

Fandom: DC
Title: Irreversible
Author: Cold Nostalgia
Theme: 1. Regret
Characters: Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson
Rating: PG
Warnings: A/U Return of Bruce Wayne.
Disclaimer/Claimer: Don’t own.
Summary: Bruce sighed and prepared himself for the oncoming storm.

Dick blinked, his arms stiffened, the jubilant smile froze, then faded. After a beat he pulled away.

Bruce sighed and prepared himself for the oncoming storm. He’d suspected that Dick wouldn’t understand his reasoning for not telling him he’d come back sooner. It was understandable in way, and perhaps if their positions were reversed Bruce would be just as angry with Dick as Dick was with him.

Their relationship throughout the years had seen more turbulent times. This was just another bump on the road. Once Dick had a chance to calm down he would at least recognize the logic behind his actions, if not appreciate them.

But for now, they would argue. Dick would lose his temper and Bruce would hold steadfast, as was their way. As would always be their way. Later, fences would be mended and they’d go on just as they did before.

Knowing that did nothing to ease Bruce’s discomfort. It wasn’t as if he enjoyed these arguments.

“Three months, huh?” The laugh was full of bitterness.

“It was necessary.” Bruce countered with deliberate calm.

Dick’s smile was sardonic. “I’m sure it was.”

A delicate silence filled the room, wrapping itself around them. It seemed neither wished to be the first to free himself.

Hesitantly, Bruce took a step forward. “I’m proud of you, son.”


“I mean it,” Bruce went on with an urgency he didn’t quite understand. “You’ve done excellent work here. The way you’ve held Gotham together,” Bruce waved his hands helplessly. “…I doubt I could have done the same.

Dick folded his arms across his chest and cocked his head. “Right.”

Bruce blinked, suddenly in unfamiliar territory. Normally Dick started shouting about now, there was never such a …coldness, such a heaviness in the air. It was as if an impenetrable fog had formed between them. Bruce had no idea how to cross it.

He licked his lips, surprised at their dryness. “I know how hard all this must have been for you, with Damian, the state the city was in, the--.”

“You know, you really don’t get it do you, Bruce?” Dick interrupted suddenly. “This isn’t about Damian, this isn’t about Gotham being a war zone; this is about is you being dead for over a year and being alive for three months and… Not. Telling. Us.” Dick broke off, his breathing coming in shuddering gasps, Bruce distantly wondered in horror if he was going to start crying. “God, Bruce, being dead did nothing for your emotional intelligence, did it?”

Bruce straightened, ignoring the tightness around his throat. “I had my reasons.”

“Reasons.” Dick repeated hollowly and gave a tired nod. “Yeah, you always have those, don’t you?”

Bruce didn’t know what to say as Dick angrily wiped away unshed tears from his reddened eyes. After a moment of quiet reflection, Bruce managed to find his voice.

“The last thing I wanted to do was hurt you…”

“But you did it anyway because The Mission always comes first.” Dick finished for him.

Bruce shook his head more fiercely than he intended. “That’s not what I was going to say.”

“Yes it was,” Dick replied softly. “You would have put it in a more roundabout way, but that’s what it always comes down to, doesn’t it? The Mission.” Dick smiled sadly and rubbed his face. “Jason was right about you.”

Bruce stared at his son, inwardly stung by the remark but unable to counter it.

“I’m done here.” Dick said finally, looking him straight in the eye. “I’m finished with all of this.”

Bruce took two steps forward. “You don’t mean that, “ he said, his voice sounding uncertain to his own ears.

Dick grabbed his jacket and looked over his shoulder. “Oh, yes, I do. I’ll get Alfred to send on the rest of my things,” he paused for a moment. “The files in the batcave should all be in order.”

The two men locked gazes, and that’s when Bruce felt it. Something intangible, but more substantial that he could have ever possibly imagined. Something that had always been there, yet he’d never known it. And in the blink of an eye it snapped, withered away and died.

Bruce felt sick, the enormity of his actions finally realised. “Dick…”

But he was already gone.

From: [identity profile] minyandu.livejournal.com

This is exactly the feeling I got when I saw the previews and spoilers. I'm still waiting to see how the writers are going to make it up. Bruce going like this is really emotional exhausting.
You catch Dick's exhaustion beautifully. :)
*kick Bruce*: Grow up, old man! Grrrrr
ext_127536: (Default)

From: [identity profile] cold-nostalgia.livejournal.com

Yeah, I was a wee bit taken back when I read the spoilers. Just way too much Batdickery going on there.

You catch Dick's exhaustion beautifully. :)

Thanks! It was my first time writing for him, so I'm glad I pulled it off.

Thanks for the fb:)

From: [identity profile] coldfiredragon.livejournal.com

Oh Bruce... I don't know how you thought waiting was a good idea at all. I feel bad for both of them, even though Bruce brought it on himself completely. Such a sad little fic, nice job with it.
ext_127536: (Default)

From: [identity profile] cold-nostalgia.livejournal.com

Bruce can be his own worst enemy at times.

Thanks for the fb:)

From: [identity profile] saavikam77.livejournal.com

Ouch, those both stung so hard! O_O

I never would've figured Jem for the intolerant type, but damn, yeah. :/

And Bruce, GODS. *shakes head sadly* He's just never gonna really GET it, is he?


From: [identity profile] ladyblkrose.livejournal.com

I I I I didn't know that the spoilers had Bruce waiting months before he told his fam that he was alive. What the hell are the writers thinking!(no wonder morrison didn't even get nominated for a Scream award) You handled the fall out well. I hate the way so many canon writers make Bruce an emotionally constipated ass. But we take what they give us and make silk purses out of sow's ears and what a painfully lovely silk purse you've made here.
Thank you for your emotionally intelligent take on a really
$#!&&y situation.
ext_127536: (Default)

From: [identity profile] cold-nostalgia.livejournal.com

What the hell are the writers thinking!

I have no idea. *shakes head sadly*

Thank you for your emotionally intelligent take on a really
$#!&&y situation.

Thank you for reading, I'm glad you liked it.:)

From: [identity profile] ladyblkrose.livejournal.com

I wonder what would happen if we the slashfans took over DC and Marvel for a month...........
ext_127536: (Default)

From: [identity profile] cold-nostalgia.livejournal.com

I wonder what would happen if we the slashfans took over DC and Marvel for a month...........

Lol, now that would be interesting:)

From: [identity profile] reginalibintia.livejournal.com

This was amazing. It was heart-wrenchingly sad, but I can see it ending up this way.

A beautiful story.

Thank you for sharing!
realpestilence: m&s by lit_gal (Default)

From: [personal profile] realpestilence

I think I'd be ready to beat the crap out of Bruce, if that were me. Poor Dick, he's so worn! I do kind of feel sorry for Bruce, because he's realizing what he's done, and he didn't ~mean to. But still.



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