Title: Indestructible
Disclaimer:  Everything belongs to DC
Rating: PG
Claim: Harley/Ivy
Prompt: #16.  Denial
Word Count: 431
Summary: Ivy hates twenty-four hour news channels




Ivy hates twenty-four hour news channels.

She thinks that since their emergence humans, if it were possible, have become even more ignorant than before.  Like they can’t think for themselves anymore, can’t form an opinion on anything unless some corny anchor is giving them one.

She hates news channels.  Despises the irony of their name.  Loathes the way they’ve contributed to destruction of attention spans everywhere and replaced news with sensationalism; logic with hysteria.

It doesn’t stop her watching them.  Not always.

Lex News is reporting that Harley was killed alongside the rest of Joker’s henchman two hours ago in a firework factory that went up when gunshots were fired; Joker is back in Arkham;  fire fighters from several districts are still trying to put the blaze out; people from four different neighbourhoods are being evacuated.

Stonily, quietly and as still as a redwood, Ivy watches it all.  Hysterical evictees. Talking heads who still don’t have all the facts just yet and can only speculate.

Former friends of Harley, full of false remorse and pity.  Their eyes reddened with artificial tears and voices quivering with practiced ease.

Clips of Harley, back when she was still a doctor, being interviewed about the opening of a new ward at Arkham. Even back then there was a sparkle of mischief in those bright baby blues.

Ivy watches it all.  The tinny overly loud music and so-called experts that know even less than the anchors. 

Ivy watches it all, silent as a belladonna, allowing a wisp of pity into her heart as reporters and camera crews lay siege to the house of the woman who brought Harley into the world.  It is gone as soon as the segment ends.

Softly, Ivy gets to her feet and switches the television off.  She is unaffected by everything she has just seen, perhaps in another life and another time she might have believed every word, fallen apart, cried until she had no more tears left to shed.

But she is not Pamela anymore.  She is not weak and does not break over speculation. Over drama.  Over entertainment.  Over hysteria.  Over ratings wars.

Ivy will being seeing Harley again very soon.  A little burnt around the edges perhaps, but she would be alive and full of jokes and quips and fun.  There was no doubt in Ivy’s mind.  No doubt at all.

How did the joke go?  The world ends and the last remaining survivors are Superman and Harley Quinn…

Ivy knows she will be seeing Harley sooner rather than later.  The next few hours maybe.

She is not in denial.



From: [identity profile] roguecatwoman.livejournal.com

Poor Ivy. =(

But I love the very real world sense to this! Nicely done! =)
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From: [identity profile] cold-nostalgia.livejournal.com

Depends how you look at it, she might very well be right but if she's not...ouch.

Thanks for the Fb. Really appreciate it.
sharpest_asp: Nate Ford sitting on a bench, Sophie Devereaux resting against his lap (Default)

From: [personal profile] sharpest_asp

That is a very moving fic, looking at the possible end of Harley through the filter of the News with Ivy. Wonderful job.


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