Title: A Hundred Times Bitten
Author: Cold Nostalgia
Disclaimer: Don’t own. No profit. Don’t sue.
Claim: Arkham Asylum
Prompt: 8. Good intentions
Character: Jeremiah Arkham
Word count: 243.
Rating: PG
Summary: “Why here?”

“Why here?”

Jeremiah Arkham leaned back in his chair and patiently waited for the applicant to reply to his question. The response didn’t matter, of course. The glint in Miss White’s eyes had already told him why as soon as he’d closed his mouth.

College graduates were all alike; glazed with an optimistic naivety and a dash of arrogance for good measure. Strength of will to disregard the old and embrace the new.

Dr Arkham was by no means a traditionalist. He had always considered himself to be a man of the modern world, willing to embrace change where it is needed and lay the old to rest when required. It didn’t even occur to him to hold the unspoken views against her as she articulated a word perfect response to his query.

An instant decision reached, the rest of the interview was mere formality. Miss White was an unsuitable candidate for an institution that cried out for able employees.

In a perfect world, Jeremiah would have hired the young woman on spot. Genuine altruism was a trait rarely found in the youth of today. Almost an oddity in psychiatry.

As it was, the good doctor had to content himself with guiding the young woman onto a path that would, in all likelihood, lead on to a long and happy life.

He might not have been able to help those under his care, but he could still save others.
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