Title: Behind a Mask
Author: Cold Nostalgia
Fandom: DC Comics
Characters: Clark, Bruce, JLA
Prompt: Envy
Word Count: 140
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don’t own.
Summary: A cure was found…

Eventually a cure was found and the antidote was administered with all of the efficiency expected from the greatest heroes on the planet.

Hours later, while the two champions of justice lay unconscious in recovery, the last bitter dregs of artificial emotion ebbing from their hearts and minds, the remaining unaffected teammates made their jokes and merrily traded quips regarding the unfortunate incident.

Ollie promised a hearty retribution for every put-down. Hal swore he would bring up the chemically-induced romance at every available opportunity.

Clark smiled at the good-natured banter, laughed heartily at their cringe-inducing jokes, swallowed down his jealousy and tried not to think what it would have been like had Diana not taken his place on the mission.

Title: Mid-Morning Interlude
Author: Cold Nostalgia
Fandom: DC Comics
Characters: Bruce/Clark
Prompt: Sloth
Word Count: 422
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don’t own.
Summary: Bruce still has the ability to surprise.

“You going to get up any time soon?”

If not for his super-hearing, Clark didn’t think he would have been able to hear his lover’s muffled reply. Clark frowned; The Riddler might have given Bruce the run-around the previous evening, but that didn’t mean he had to take it out on others.

“Charming,” he deadpanned. “Would his lordship care for some breakfast while it’s still morning?”

A bleary eye looked up at the Man of Steel. “No.”

Clark folded his arms neatly. “Would you like me to come back in twenty minutes and offer you lunch?”

Bruce grunted, rolled away and pulled a sheet over his mussed head. “No.”

Clark tilted his head in mild concern and looked at the prone figure. “It’s not like you to sleep so late; you’re not coming down with anything, are you?”

“No,” mumbled the tuft of black hair sticking out from under the covers. “I’m just tired.”

Clark frowned in disbelief. A quick check of his lover’s pulse and body temperature told him that Bruce was in perfect health. Still, there was plenty of other illness that could go undetected by superpowers.

“Do you want me to call you a doctor?”

Bruce sighed from somewhere underneath the sheets. “No, Clark. I’m just tired. It’s been a busy week.”

“How busy?” Clark asked, genuinely intrigued. In all the time Clark had been both friend and lover to Bruce, he’d never known him to admit to something as trivial and mundane as exhaustion.

“Very busy,” came the muffled reply. “Happens after a mass breakout. Takes it out of me”

Clark frowned again. “It does?”

Bruce’s head slowly emerged from its cosy refuge. “It does.”

“Oh,” said Clark, crestfallen. “Do you want me to go away and come back later?”

Bruce heaved a disgusted sigh and threw back the covers. “Get in.”

Clark was appalled. “Bruce, it’s almost noon!”

“Get in.”

“It’s the middle of the day!”

“Get in.”

“You said you wanted to sleep!”

“I do,” Bruce remarked quietly, flashing his most charming smile. “It’d be nice to hold on to something while I do.”

“But I’m not tired.” Clark protested.

“You can count sheep,” Bruce countered easily. “Or the pores on my skin.”


“Just a suggestion,” Bruce said mildly, enjoying the righteously horrified expression on his partner’s face.

“You can’t waste the away the day like that,” Clark argued once more.

“Yes we can,” Bruce said lightly. “We still have this evening and tomorrow all to ourselves.”

Clark’s eyes bulged at the new information. “How?”

“Dick’s in town visiting old friends and Kara promised that she’d look after Metropolis for a couple of days.” Bruce answered happily. “We’re officially off-duty.”

“Really?” Clark’s eyes grew large at the prospect.

“Really,” confirmed Bruce. “Now,” he said, patting the mattress with his right hand. “Get in.”

Clark didn’t have to be told again.
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