Title: Serenity in Revenge
Author: Cold Nostalgia
Fandom: DC Comics
Characters/Pairing: Bruce/Clark, Lex Luthor
Prompt: 3. Wrath
Word count: 205.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: DC owns all.
Summary: Had they been a few minutes late, Clark would have been lost to them.

For all his speeches and all of his comments to the contrary, there are times like now when Bruce truly forgets he has no abilities other than the ones he worked for.

The new Kryptonite has nearly completed the task that Luthor set it out to do. His pale lover lies unmoving on the unforgiving, cold steel floor. His breath coming in short wheezing rasps. Clark’s skin is dry and flaky as if he’d begun to turn into dust.

Had they arrived a few minutes later, Clark would have been lost to them.

Bruce cannot allow himself to think of that as the poisonous piece of rock is removed from its tight metal bindings and taken far away from the Man of Steel.

He won’t dwell on his relief when Clark’s eyes finally flutter open; nor will he think of the tightness around his throat when Clark went missing; the fear he felt as days of searching produced fruitless results.

In his mind’s eye he can only see Lex Luthor and the furious vengeance that awaits him and the rest of The Injustice League.

For Bruce, it is something to cling to in the dark hours ahead.

He can cling onto Clark in the darkness of their room later.
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