Okay, so first ever Yuletide!

Dear Yuletide Author,

First of all, thank you for writing for me.  It's muchly appreciated.

The fandoms I requested are: Gotham City Sirens, Wonder Woman, Gormenghast and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

In GCS, any bit of Harley/Ivy interaction makes me a happy bunny.  So a generic fluffy christmas fic would go down a treat, or I dunno, if you fancied writing a little bit of drama, then maybe have them discuss where their lives are going.  *shrugs* As long as it doesn't get too angsty, or has too many mentions of The Joker, I'm thrilled.

I did ask for a little bit of Diana/Steve in my Wonder Woman request.  A typical fluffy christmas fic would set me up a treat, but you can surprise me with a completely different genre if you want - so long as it's not too hardcore.  I'm easily pleased.

When it comes to Gormenghast, again, I'm very easily pleased so long as Steerpike isn't in it.  I never really got my head around the Fuchsia/Steerpike pairing and I absolutely loathe his character.  So aside from that; any genre is welcome.:)

As for Hercules, all I want to see is some awesome brother and sister interaction between Herc and Aphrodite.  They can either team up and go off on some crazy adventure together or just sit and chat.  Iolas is more than welcome to show up along with anyone else.  So long as Herc and Aphrodite are the main characters, I'm happy.:0

Thanks again,

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