Title: Hollow Miracle
Author: Cold Nostalgia
Fandom: DC Comics
Characters/Pairing: Batman/Superman, Wonder Woman
Prompt: 7. Pride
Word count: 199
Disclaimer: Don’t own.

After everything he’s seen in his short life, Bruce should be used to miracles by now. In his time with the Justice League, he’s watched planets burn to ashes and be reborn again in the blink of an eye, seen friends cruelly snatched away in the prime of their lives only to be thankfully returned.

Even after all these countless wonders, Clark’s return leaves him breathless and disorientated. He spends his hours wandering around in a confused daze, looking for answers where none are to be found.

Clark is not forthcoming, science offers no plausible explanation.

Diana tells Bruce that it doesn’t matter how Clark came back from the dead, all that matters is that he is back. She tells him to look at Clark’s return as a gift; a blessing; a reward of some kind.

He hasn’t seen Clark since that fateful day in the watchtower, although he has observed him from a distance.

Diana thinks he’s frightened of being heartbroken all over again, terrified at the possibility of reliving blank days and guilt-ridden nights for a second time. She thinks he should talk about it with someone; anyone.

He doesn’t even dignify her suggestion with a reply.
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