Title: Fragile
Author: Cold Nostalgia
Fandom: Batman
Characters/Pairing: Harley/Ivy
Prompt: 3. Abstinence
Word Count: 291
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don’t own.

She’s known the clown girl a little over a month now. Ivy does not recall ever meeting another human with such a zest for life encased in a hard shell of silly jokes and maddening buffoonery. Ivy doesn’t believe she ever will again.

Over the last few weeks Ivy has ridden a torrent of emotions. Swept up in a wave of exhilarating merriment in one moment; drowning in a whirlpool rage the next. The storm is almost never-ending and Ivy’s not sure that she ever wants it to.

With calm waters comes the danger of destruction.

She wants the blonde, decided upon it after the first week. She could have her too. Harley is no different from any another human, nothing more than another possible notch on Ivy’s bed of bark. There is not a man or woman alive on the face of the earth that can resist her charms.

The need is at its most powerful during the quiet times, when Harley tells quiet anecdotes of a past life or an easy silence has fallen over them. It is then Ivy sees herself leaning in, her smile at its most seductive, and taking what she’s started to suspect was meant for her only.

Harley wouldn’t deny her, but it would destroy the small, budding relationship that has been growing between them amidst the chaos. Distrust could be more damaging than salted earth.

Ivy’s never had anything more than an acquaintance before. Not really. It would be a shame to lose something so…acceptable.

So Ivy sits back with all the patience of a gardener and waits for the seed to take root, grow tall… bare fruit. And Ivy knows it will be sweet.

All good things come to those who wait.
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