Title:  Wannabe
Author: Cold Nostalgia
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 276
Prompt:   Annoyed.
Summary:  This week it’s cupcakes

Last week Harley was going to be the greatest banjo player who ever walked the face of the earth.  She’d been insistent, with just a little bit of practice and a lot of heart, Harley was going to be bigger than The Beatles and The ‘Stones combined.  Places like Madison Square Garden would be sold out months in advance…


This week it’s cupcakes.


Yesterday Harley casually announced over breakfast that when people thought of cupcakes, they would think of Harley Quinn.  She was going to open a bakery, then several bakeries, write a best-selling cookery book, there was going to be TV shows.  A whole franchise was going to be born.


Today there are up-turned cookery books with broken spines scattered across the living room floor.   Several layers of splattered frosting coat the kitchen walls, flour and icing sugar blanket the floor titles like snow.  Ivy’s cutlery has been destroyed and her crockery is no more.


She’s spent the last two hours coming up with excuses as to why she can’t try out Harley’s special salmon mousse flavoured cupcakes.  Being a vegetarian is no excuse at all in Harley’s eyes.


Despite her annoyance and her barely suppressed anger.  Ivy’s long since learned to live through the whirlwind, come through the storm unscathed.  Inevitably the hurricane will die out just like it always does.  The manic energy will flicker and slither away only to be replaced by warm glowing embers of sanity behind those baby blues.


Harley is thoughtful then, more considerate then, more about giving than taking.  She’s less self-centred.  More willing to listen to Ivy’s wants, Ivy’s needs.


The good times always outweighed the bad.



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