Title: Miss the Girl
Disclaimer:  Don’t own them.
Fandom/Characters:  Oracle, BOP, Ollie/Dinah
Word Count: 110
Summary: Barbara hasn’t gotten use to it yet.

Barbara tries to understand it, but falls short. 


The incident with Joker all those years ago, yet still fresh in her mind, taught her that in life, the only real consistency was change. 


It was a hard lesson back then for one so young, so much ahead of her, so many plans that would forever go unfulfilled; but perhaps it was the most important lesson of all.


She could not be who she is without her ability to adapt.  For years it’s been as easy as breathing.


Even so, each time she speaks to her Birds and Dinah doesn’t answer, Barbara can’t help but notice.


It is not the same.



Title:  The Drowning Man
Disclaimer:  Don’t own.
Fandom/character: Bruce Wayne
Word Count: 100
Summary:  Bruce knows he won’t make it in time.


Bruce already knows he won’t reach the man in time.  Joker has too many henchmen and no matter how hard he pushes himself Bruce knows he will never be Clark.


Out the corner of his eye, the hostage disappears into the black, dank depths of Gotham River; another flickering light snuffed out in a rapidly dimming city..


Somewhere at the back of his mind, Bruce brands the man into his memory, mourns all that he was and all that he might have been.


Fire courses through Batman’s veins and he propels himself forward.  Burning, scorching;  Brighter than the largest star.


Title: Extravaganza
Author: Cold Nostalgia
Disclaimer: Don’t own them
Prompt: 24.  Birthday
Claim: Harley/Ivy
Word count: 117
Disclaimer:  Ivy wakes to a cheerful, tinny serenade.


Ivy wakes before sunrise to a cheerful, tinny serenade and a platter of exotic fruits only intended to impress.  After, there are warm kisses, declarations of devotion, and promises of forever that will never last.


The day drudges on; Ivy is the oak to Harley’s busy swarm; strong, immovable, unyielding in the eye of maddening chaos.


The cake is inedible, dinner is blackened charcoal and afterward presents are produced. 


There is a gift for each year that Ivy has been alive.  None of which she has need or want of, but they are accepted with a bemused gratitude all the same.


At no point does Ivy get a chance to tell Harley it is not her birthday.


Title:  Fangirl
Author: Cold Nostalgia
Disclaimer: Don’t own them
Claim:  Harley/Ivy
Rating: PG
Word count:  156.
Prompt: 31. Star Wars
Summary: Sometimes anticipation is the best part.


Since the release had been announced, Harley had thought and spoke of little else. Driving others to distraction and near violence all around her.


The wait for the latest director’s cut had been laborious, at times painful, and all Harley could do to temper her patience during those long, dark days was to occupy herself in fevered chat rooms and rambling message boards; sharing her vision with anyone who would listen.


She was first in line at the store the day the latest version of George Lucas’ masterpiece was available to the public. The ride home had been fast, furious and she’d almost broke the disc in her haste to watch greatest movie of all time when she arrived home.


In the end nothing could have disappointed her more. 


The added dialogue was corny, the CGI wasn’t as great as she imagined it would be.


And the special bonus commentary by Pamela Isley had been off-putting.


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